YachtStrip Antifouling Remover




YachtStrip, the soft alternative to

sanding, sand blasting or ice blasting.

Dust free Antifouling Removal, Safe and Environmentally Friendly.

YachtStrip Antifouling Remover is a brand new formulation for removing multiple layers of anti fouling paints. It has a VOC content of 0% and has been developed with all the latest health and safety regulations in mind. YachtStrip paint remover is in a class of its own and tests in Germany have confirmed the unique efficiency of this amazing marine paint stripper.

YachtStrip does not need neutralising and removes up to 15 layers of Antifouling in one application without damaging the gelcoat. No more sanding or sand blasting means:

-no more risk of damaging your Yacht.

-no more risk of damaging your Health

YachtStrip can be used on GFK, Steel, Aluminium and Wood Boats. Antifouling removal without toxic dust and fumes entering your lungs subsequently creating a major risk for your health. YachtStrip can be used to remove soft antifouling and hard antifouling. Why not Order a 750g Test Pack now and see for yourself. We would be astonished if you are not happy with this fantastic product.

And please do not hesitate to ask, should you have any questions!

International customers welcome to try YachtStrip antifouling remover.

Prices shown include VAT for UK orders and exclude shipping.


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